Need A Shed Materials List?

by Mr EBD on February 25, 2011

Need A Shed Materials List..Click Here!

When building a shed you will need a shed materials list that has all the needed items for the job. This list is easy to compile and should be included in your shed building blue prints or instructions. Most of the items on the list will be pretty basic.

Shed Materials ListIf you are like most people that have never built a shoe box let-alone a shed, the list of materials needed may help your plan go a bit smoother. There are two types of material classes we will talk about, the first is structure materials.

Structure materials are what the shed is made out of. These materials will differ depending on the size and shape of the shed. I have provided a sample list of what these look like.

Need A Shed Materials List?..Click Here!

Basic Shed Materials List

Fast framer kit, pressure treated 2×4′s, nails, deck screws, sheets of sheathing material, roofing paper, pressure treated 4×4′s, plywood, and pressure treated 4×4′s if needed. This is a sample list and may not pertain to the shed you may be constructing. The next list is the tool materials list.

Doghouse Shed Materials ListThis list will containĀ  tools needed to actually drive your project home. If you do not have experience with using construction type tools, do not be intimidated. They are not hard to use and with a small amount of practice can be mastered.

Tools required: Hammer, power screw driver or drill, circular saw, level, square, tape measure, ladder, gloves, safety glasses, regular saw, and if you have an old pair of jeans or work suite this would be a great addition to your shed materials list.

Need A Shed Materials List?..Click Here!

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